Chapter Advocacy

The Maine Chapter of the American College of Surgeons is the primary voice for surgeons in the state of Maine and its members realize that democracy is not a spectator sport. In our nation, public health professionals play a significant role in decision-making processes and policy formation. As members of the public health community, Maine Chapter members' involvement in the policy-formation process is essential. The Maine Chapter, in coordination with its members, works with key policymakers to shape policy that addresses today's ongoing public health concerns, like:

  • Ensuring access to quality health care for all Maine citizens.
  • Reducing health care providers' administrative burdens.
  • Advancing continued medical liability reforms.
  • Improving financing of health care for private and government payers.
  • Demanding direct payment of physicians by insurance companies regardless of the physician's "network affiliation."

Below are some simple things that Maine Chapter members can do to have a positive effect on Maine's public policy formation.

State Legislative Bill Tracking

It is important for surgeons to know what specific items of legislation state legislators are considering. We have a quick and easy way for surgeons to follow the state legislative activity. Click here to see bills that are currently being followed by the Chapter in conjunction with the Maine Medical Association.

Advocacy Resource Center

The Maine Chapter vigorously advocates on important public health issues year round. Your participation will help because legislators listen to what their constituents have to say — constituents, after all, are a legislator's first priority.

The following resources will provide you with all of the information and materials you need to contact your policymakers and be successful in your advocacy efforts.

 Tips for Communicating with Legislators
 Ten Things Legislative Staff Hate to Hear
 Tips for Writing to Your Policymaker
 Advocacy "Do's and Don'ts"

Please remember you are not alone in your advocacy efforts. The Chapter Executive Office can assist you every step of the way! Let us know how we can help you.

Take Action

Follow these simple steps to locate your policymaker.

  1. Type your zip code into the "Write Your Legislators" box to the right (make sure you do this for both your home and where you practice because the elected leaders may differ) and click "Go".
  2. You will be transferred to the Surgery State Legislative Action Center. This page shows a partial list of elected officials who represent you. To obtain additional elected officials, you must enter your address. (Remember, home and practice addresses may produce different legislators. You are encouraged to check both addresses.) Click on “Go”. 
  3. After pressing “Go”, a list of your state senators and state representatives, along with your congressional representative are listed. Other links to government agencies and local governments are also listed at the bottom of this page. 
  4. If you click on one of your elected officials, you are taken to a page that offers a short biography, a contact page, and listing of committees they serve on. 
  5. Make your voice heard on surgical issues that you feel are important.

Locating and familiarizing yourself with your representatives is the first step in changing the medical-political landscape. Start today!

Advocacy Contacts

Maine Chapter's lobbying team continues to work diligently to ensure that the voices of Maine's surgeons are heard in policy debates taking place in Augusta. If you have any questions or concerns about issues before the Maine General Assembly, the Chapter Office is always ready to assist you and can be contacted at (207) 445-2260.

American College of Surgeons National Advocacy Initiatives

See what advocacy efforts are being followed at the federal level by visiting the American College of Surgeons Advocacy and Health Policy Portal.