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Projects That Impact You and Your Patients

The Maine Chapter is actively engaged in a wide variety of projects which impact the practice of surgery in Maine. Its interest in the practice of quality surgery in hospitals, large and small, University and non-University affiliated alike, in surgical training programs, in surveys showing both patterns and trends of surgical management, has been persistent and realistic. Concerns in the rapid changes of socio-economic patterns has been key to keeping step with problems of daily surgical practice, including professional liability matters, and governmental and other third-party in-roads in surgical practice.

Legislative Representation

The leadership and staff work with Maine Chapter Legislative Agents to empower the Chapter to speak with one voice. Our advocacy efforts work to get our members and their patients' message in front of the legislators. With Chapter presence at the statehouse, much has been and will be accomplished.

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ACS Communities

Build community and connect with your colleagues through the American College of Surgeons ACS Communities.  This is a place for knowledge exchange, content curation, idea incubation, and professional networking.

ACS Chapters

The American College of Surgeons has chapters across the globe. Click here to experience the diversity of talent that comprises the ACS.


E-News is an email communication sent to members monthly regarding legislative actions, volunteer opportunities, continuing education, and much more.

Annual Meeting

The Maine Chapter, ACS Annual Meeting is held each year in a Maine city. Along with the Chapter's advocacy efforts, the Annual Meeting constitutes the principal focus of the Maine Chapter and provides for an exchange of ideas and fellowship of our colleagues.

The meeting provides talks and discussion panels on leading subjects of interest to general and specialty surgeons alike. A representative of the ACS provides updating of the work of the College during the event. Numerous exhibitors present their products and services to our members during this event.

The Annual Business Meeting is held during this event.

This is an event that you do not want to miss! Check the Events page on this website for more information.

Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in Serving on a Committee or Council?

Maine Chapter has opportunities available for members interested in serving on one of its committees or Council.

If you are interested in serving on one of these committees or on Council, complete the Maine Chapter Volunteer Form or contact the Maine Chapter Office at (207) 592-5725, or email us.


One of the incredible opportunities belonging to Maine Chapter fellows is the ability to interact with colleagues from the same geographic area. Some of the Maine Chapter and ACS opportunities to network include Council meetings, Clinical Congress, Annual Meeting, online collaboration, and committee meetings.


Membership in the Maine Chapter enables members to receive discounts to Maine Chapter activities, events, services...

And much, much more...